Salvador Domato Búa

Birth Date: 18th october 1944
Birth Place: Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra)

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He graduated in Theology (Rome, 1966-68) and was ordained as a priest on 18th March 1967. He also studied Palaeography and Diplomatics in the Vatican (1966-68) and graduated in Archivistics and Biblioteconomy (1966-68), in Business Management and Computing (Santiago, Madrid: 1972, 1973) and restoration of books and documents in the 'Institute Vatican restauro dei libri per ill' (1967). He was the private secretary of the Archbishop of Compostela (1972-74), creator and director of the Diocesan Historical Archive of Santiago (1969-96, 2005-), Episcopal Delegate for Documentary and Bibliographic Heritage of the Diocese of Santiago de Compostela (1975-1994), coordinator of the Pope's visits to Santiago (1982 and 1989), member of Central Board of the First Centenary of the Foundation of the Spanish Pontifical College in Rome (1989-92), responsible for the Institutional Relations of the Archbishop of Santiago (1984-1994), prothonotary apostolic (5th May 1999), private secretary of the cardinals-archbishops of Santiago de Compostela and Madrid (19879-2005), private secretary of the president of the Spanish Synod, general coordinator of the 2nd World Meeting of the Ecumenical Council of the Church (Santiago, 1993), editorial secretary of ‘Compostellanum’ (1974-79), member of the executive committee of the ‘Asociación de Archiveros de la Iglesia en España’ (1975-81) and vice-president of ANABAD Galicia.

 Work & Activities

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He published “El A.H.D.S.: Sondeo Documental” in ‘USC Actas de las I Jornadas de Metodología Aplicada de las Ciencias Históricas’, vol- V 101-108, Santiago de Compostela (1975); “Guía-Inventario de Archivos Parroquiales en la Diócesis de Santiago de Compostela. Proyecto y primeros resultados”, in idem; vol. V, 109-132 and ‘A.H.D.S.: Inventario del Fondo General’, Publication Service of Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation (Santiago).

 Other Interesting Aspects

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-Chaplain of the Malta Order (Madrid, 3rd January 1997).

-Command of Queen Isabel the Catholic (Madrid, 13th July 2003).

-He was invited by the UNESCO to take part in the restoration of books of the National Library of Florence that were destroyed in the floods of 1967.

He coordinated the three visits of the Pope in Santiago de Compostela.