Carlos Quiroga

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He is a Professor at the University of Santiago.

 Work & Activities

He published G.O.N.G. -mais de vinte poemas globais e um prefácio esperançado (1999), Periferias (1999, Carvalho Calero Narrative Prize, published in Brazil in 2006), A Espera Crepuscular (2002, first part of the trilogy Viagem ao Cabo Nom), il Castello nello Stagno di Antela - O Castelo da Lagoa de Antela (2004, it was published in Italy in Galician and Italian), O Regresso a Arder (2005, third part of Viagem ao Cabo Nom), Inxalá (2006, Carvalho Calero Narrative Prize), Venezianas (2007).
He founded several magazines such as O Mono da Tinta (1987-1991) and is the editor of Agália. He was a scholar of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (1991-92), the Camões Institute (1992-93) and the Universittà Italiana per Stranieri (1983). He was a teacher of Galician Language and Literature and was the first teacher of Portuguese at the Language Schools in Galicia before working at University.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the author of several works and collaborated in newspapers, reports of conferences and magazines in Galicia, Brazil, Portugal, Germany and Italy. He participated in lectures and several round-table conferences abroad. He organized some events of that sort in Galicia (Language School – A Coruña and Faculty of Philology, ‘Trasatlántico- Encontro de Escritores na Finis-Terrae’, ‘Galego no mundo- Latim em pó’, Portugal Hoje, etc…).