Ruth Tuvío Villar

Birth Date: 23rd march 1977
Birth Place: A Coruña

She took a degree in Political Sciences and Sociology at the University of Santiago de Compostela and has been living in Paris since 2002.

She belonged to ‘Voces Libres’ NGO and was managing and translation assistant of the Confederation of non governmental organizations of the UN in Geneva.

He participated in the NGO of the International Court for Children.

He did a MA in Political Sciences and Administration at Paris Sorbonne University and graduated in EU law at the National Administration School in Paris.

She is an expert on Arabic studies: history, politics and islamology at the National Institute of Oriental Languages (INALCO).

She took a degree in European Studies at Paris Sorbonne University.

In Galicia, she was a member of Galiza Nova and BNG. She was a representative member of the body and cloister of the Faculty.

In 2000, she participated in the World March of Women in Galicia in Brussels.

Since 2002, he has not be a member of the BNG or any other Galician or Spanish party.

Nowadays, she is a member of the “Parti de Gauche” of Jean-Luc Melonchon in the student movement.

She took an active part in the movement and strike against CPE and CNE, which was a labour reform project that allowed the right to hire and fire young workers in the first two years of their contract, which caused a lot of protest demonstrations all over France. This First Employment Contract Law (2005) that minister Villepin wanted to enforce was later removed because of the great social movement. This movement and his imputation in the Clearstream Case frustrated the possibilities of Villepin to aspire to the presidency of the French Republic.

Owing to her professional and academic matters, Ruth travelled around France, England, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Morocco, Italy and Austria, among other countries.

Although she has been living in Paris since 2002 and is totally integrated into the French political, labour, social and university fields, she is worried about the labour, social and political problems of Galicia.