Ana Ferreira

Category: Painter and graphic designer
Birth Date: 11th February 1973
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)
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She was already keen on painting when she was still a child. She studied drawing and painting with Raimundo Anido. In 1996, she took a degree in Fine Arts in Pontevedra, specialising in Design and Audiovisual. Then, she devoted herself to graphic and web design, working for several firms in A Coruña, Madrid and Ferrol and giving courses on web page design and digital retouching in several Galician villages. During her stay at San Ciprián, she got in touch with people related to art and found the necessary inspiration to take up painting again.

 Work & Activities

INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS: Nordeste (San Ciprián, 2006), Cafetería Atrezzo (Burela, 2006), City Council of Cervo (Lugo, 2006), Cafetería Fontenova (Viveiro, 2006), City Council of Mugardos (A Coruña, 2006), Nordeste (San Ciprián, 2006), Café Zucre (Ferrol, 2005), Mesón As Travesas (Cambre, 2005), Goleta Pub (Lugo, 2005), Clínica Álvarez y Asociados (Lugo, 2005), El Cuarenta y cuatro (Lugo, 2005) and Nordeste (San Ciprián, 2005).

COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: She was selected at ‘Toxos e Froles’ First Painting Prize (2006), “Maternidad” (Pazo da Trave, Viveiro, 2006), ‘Bello Piñeiro’ 16th Painting Contest (Mugardos, 2006), Third Painting Contest (‘Club Naval de Oficiales’, Ferrol, 2006), “La mujer en la pintura”, Spring Saloon 2006 (Ferrol), ART XOVE (Cultural Centre, Pontedeume, 2006), ‘Galería Burela’ 11th Art Contest (2006), Racing Club Ferrol Second Painting Contest (consolation prize, 2006), Collective exhibition (C.I.T, San Ciprián, 2005), El Alquimia (Foz, 2005), Second Painting Contest (‘Club Naval de Oficiales’, Ferrol, 2005), “Rincones de San Ciprián”, collective photography exhibition (San Ciprián, 2005), Collective exhibition (C.I.T, San Ciprián, 2005), ‘Galería Burela’ Tenth Art Contest (Burela, 2005), ‘Bello Piñeiro’ Fifteen Painting Contest (Mugardos, 2005), ‘Bello Piñeiro’ Sixth Painting Contest (Mugardos, 1997), Eidos 96 (Athenaeum, Ferrol, 1996), ‘IV Salón de Arte Xove’, Ourense (1995), ‘Nuevos valores’ (Pontevedra, 1995), ‘Eidos 95’, Athenaeum, Ferrol (1995), Engraving Exhibition (Teatro Principal, Pontevedra, 1995), ‘Acento’ (Teatro Principal, Pontevedra, 1995) and “Posición 93” (Teatro Principal, Pontevedra, 1993).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded the following prizes:
2006. ‘Bello Piñeiro’ Sixteenth Painting Contest, Mugardos - A Coruña (second prize) and ‘Racing Club Ferrol’ Second Painting Contest (consolation prize).
2005. Workshop on artistic creation under the direction of Ladislau da Regueira (Mugardos - A Coruña) and ‘Rincones de San Ciprián’ First Photography Prize.
2003. Anagram Prize for the OMIX of Mugardos.
1993. 8th Christmas Card Contest, Ence (Pontevedra).
In 1992, she carried out an sculpture project with Silverio Rivas (Porriño - Pontevedra).