Rudesindo Soutelo

Category: Musician and writer
Birth Date: 29th February 1952
Birth Place: Valdraes-Tui (Pontevedra)
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He studied with Rodolfo Halffter, Franco Donatoni, Agustín G. Acily and Rogelio Groba. He is the founder and president of 'Arte Tripharia' music publishing house. He was the founder and first president of 'Juventudes Musicais de Vigo' (1972-76). He also edited 'Corpus Musicum Gallaeciae', a collection of all Galician cultured music since the troubadours up to the moment. He created and directed the group 'Letrinae Musica', which was presented in Santiago and Vigo by 'Movimento Pipiista' in 1976.

 Work & Activities

He published the books: Tálamo e Túmulo (2000); Borobo (1999); Manuel María (2000); Como a noite é longa (1999); Labios de sabor a mar (1998); Oppius dei (1997); Preludio da Montanha Mágica (1996); Teima (1983); Retrato dunha moça na conversa (1981); Oestrymnia (1975); NYX-XOY-YC (1974); Helen (1992); ...

 Other Interesting Aspects

He drew up the project of the International Music School of Baztan (Madrid) in 1986, which was the first Spanish project of a high-level school.