Antonio López de Quiroga

Category: Miner
Birth Date: In 1620 (†In 1699)
Birth Place: Triacastela (Lugo)
 Work & Activities

He moved to Seville, where he was in touch with merchants of the colonies, which was very useful for his companies. In the decade of 1640 he sailed for the Latin American colonies and established himself in Lima, where he exploited a small business related to foodstuffs, but he became famous and got rich in Potosí, where he arrived in 1648. He was the biggest silver producer in that region, most part of the silver was sent to the Iberian Peninsula, which meant 45% of the income of the Crown.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Peter Bakewell wrote in his book Plata y empresa en el Potosí del Siglo XVII. La vida y época de Antonio López de Quiroga about the life and the mines worked by this miner. Antonio López de Quiroga married Felipa Bóveda and had four children (two sons and two daughters).