Rubén Rodríguez Rodríguez

Pseudonym: Rubén Riós
Category: Actor and stage technician
Birth Date: 16th August 1980
Birth Place: Ríos (Ourense)

He was born in Riós, a small village in the Southeast of Ourense where he was brought up and studied until he was eighteen. He took his artistic name in memory of this small village and he is known as Rubén Riós.
In 2000 he entered the Theatre School of Vigo, where he studied Drama for three years. After finishing his education, he started his professional career as an actor in several programmes and TV shows on Galician TV and national TV series as well.
In 2004, he got his great opportunity forming part of the cast of 'Libro de Familia', playing Marcos. He played main characters in a lot of shorts; in 2007 he worked in ‘Pradolongo’, a film by Ignacio Vilar and goes on working in different cinema projects. That same year he released the Seventh Art Festival which two years later, after Abelardo Gabriel’s death (Don Román in ‘Libro de Familia’), was called 'Festival das Artes Escénicas de Riós Abelardo Gabriel', organized and directed in his native village.
He surprised everyone as director and producer in 'Adeus Edrada?', which was awarded Mestre Mateo Prize for the best Galician short. He was also awarded this prize as director in 2009 with ‘Coser e cantar’.
He attended several training courses:
• Comic magic with Pablo Muñoz.
• Commedia dell'arte (Theatre School of Vigo)
• Monologues with Eva Hache and Javier Veiga.
• Voice and orthophony with Marta Pinillos.
• Script with Syd Field.
• Short production with Borja Cobeaga and Nacho Vigalondo.
• Ad-lib with Leo Bassi.
Nowadays, he is carrying out new personal projects as a producer. He also plays Marcos in 'Libro de Familia' and presented 'Vilamor', the new film by Ignacio Vilar, playing Breixo, a young seminarian who enters a love-in and starts to get confused.

 Work & Activities

2004. O Rei da Comedia (TVG)
2004. Luar (TVG)
2004. Supermartes (TVG)

2005. Pratos Combinados.
2010. Piratas (Telecinco), playing Mercader.
2004-2013. Libro de Familia (TVG), playing Marcos.
2009-2010. Matalobos (TVG), playing Salva.
2012. Escoba (TVG), playing Álex.

- Nueve.
- Después del Sol.
- Adeus Edrada?
- Mínimo Común Múltiplo.
- Coser e Cantar.
- Carne Cruda.

2010. ‘Vive en Galego’, for Microsoft. Claqueta Coqueta.

O Camiño de Santiago: A Orixe.
Na Terra das Castañas (Región).

A Mariñeira de Quilmas.
O Bosque de Levas.

2008. ‘Pradolongo’, Vía Láctea Films, playing Martiño (main character)
2011. ‘Vilamor’, Vía Láctea Films, playing Breixo (main character)

2007. ‘Adeus Edrada?’ (Claqueta Coqueta)
2009. ‘Coser e Cantar’ (Claqueta Coqueta)

2010. ‘Vive en Galego’ for Microsoft (Claqueta Coqueta)