Rosendo Ivorra Jover

Category: Musician
Birth Date: 18th February 1953
Birth Place: Agost (Alicante)

He began to study Music with Juan Molina when he was eight. Four years later, he registered in the Alicante Music Conservatoire for the first time. He moved to Valencia to get the trumpet certificate, at the same time he studied harmony, counterpoint and fugue. He got the trumpet certificate when he was twenty-two. He was a musician of the Music Band of Castellón and that same year he took out for opposition a square of suboficial of military bands. When he was twenty-three, he got a harmony, counterpoint, composition and instrumentation certificate. He has worked as a teacher in the Conservatories of Pontevedra, Vigo, Santiago and Lugo. When he was twenty-eight, he got the orchestra conductorship certificate. He has conducted the Music Bands of Rianxo, Marín, Vilagarcía, Quiroga and Lugo.

 Work & Activities

He wrote a book of thirty-two preludes for piano, published by the County Council of Lugo and another one of fugues that is about to be published by the same institution. Besides, he wrote ‘pasodobles’ and the following works: Muñeira da Muralla, Aire nuevo, Muralla 200, Salve popular, Fiesta de San Roque, Ros, Peregrín, Fuga Op20, San Froilán, Lugo 98, Lugo 99, Ronda para trompa, Arr que alegría cuando me dijeron and Arr El Cristo del Madero.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has carried out concerts in Ourense and Santiago, recordings on Galician and Lugo TV, didactic concerts, concerts with sound tracks and participated in the operetta Non chores Sabeliña.