Rubén Bastón

Category: Expert on communication in the Internet Social Media
Birth Date: 6th december 1982
Birth Place: Bueu (Pontevedra)

He took a degree in Journalism at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2004 and specialised in Electronic Journalism.
After several professional training in Radio Vigo-Cadena SER and La Voz de Galicia, he worked as editor and commentator in Radio Galega for three years, at the same time he took up online communication in different web and blog projects.
In 2007 he opened in Elogia the media department directed to communication and marketing strategies in the Internet Social Media.
In 2011, when he was 28, he was nominated as Social Media Director of Elogia, being responsible for staff in Vigo, Barcelona, Milán, Lisbon, Mexico DF, Río de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

 Work & Activities

When the Social Media were being introduced as a tendency in Spain, Rubén Bastón was coeditor of "Web 2.0 y empresa: manual de aplicación en entornos corporativos", published by the ANEI (National Association of Internet Companies) in May 2008 and "Libro Blanco de los medios sociales", published by the IAB Spain (Interactive Advertising Bureau) in June 2009.
-AJE Vigo, report lecture about online tendencies (Vigo, December 2010).
-“4 verdades absolutas y 15 tendencias urgentes”, report for Trends&Creativity, organized by the Cluster do Produto Gráfico e do Libro galego (Santiago de Compostela, November 2010).
-“Innovación 2.0, redes sociales orientadas a la empresa”, organized by the Businessmen Confederation of Pontevedra (Vigo, October 2010).
-“Cómo usar, instrumentar, implementar las redes sociales en las empresas?” in the B-Web Conference (A Coruña, May 2010).
-“La moda y los Social Media”, Geek Caffeine 2010 Fashion Edition (Barcelona, May 2010).
-“Cómo hacer publicidad en las redes sociales”, Facultat de Comunicació Blanquerna (Ramón Llull), (March 2010).
-“Entornos 2.0 para el talento”, MeM, Vigo (February 2010).
-Report at AJE Vigo (November 2009).
-“Internet sí, pero ¿cómo?”, Geek Caffeine in Barcelona and Madrid  (May 2009).
-FICOD 2008 (November 2008, Madrid).

 Other Interesting Aspects