Manuel Molares do Val

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He worked for the EFE Agency as a correspondent in Mexico, Belgium, China (he was the first Spanish journalist appointed there) and USA. He was a special correspondent in all sorts of events in the five continents.
His chronicles have been published for almost two decades in several newspapers of the Spanish-speaking countries. Most of them, translated by Gannet News Service, appeared in English in USA, UK, and Australia.
In the Chinese-Vietnamese War of 1979 he was injured but went on reporting from his bed until the end of the war.
He was officer of the Merchant Navy (EON, A Coruña) and, combining his studies with the sea practice, he graduated in two Engineering specialities (NYU, New York). Then he gave up the sea although not as a hobby (he has crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailing ships) to study Journalism in Madrid.
He entered the EFE Agency as a student doing work experience and after finishing this new career, he became correspondent abroad.
He did a MA on Liberal Arts during his stay in California (Los Angeles) and on his return to Spain, he was editor-in-chief and assistant director of different departments of the Agency and head of the Press Association of Madrid during two terms of office.
After having contributed to the training of many journalists and students of the MA in Communication and International Relations (EFE - Complutense University), he gave up EFE in 2001, leading his job to opinion journalism.
Since then he has been elaborating his daily personal column (‘Crónicas Bárbaras’) for the Fax Press Agency ( from any part of the world.
Since 2004 ‘Crónicas Bárbaras’ has appeared in this blog: 
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