Rosa Taboada

Category: Photographer



She started her relation with photography after visiting an exhibition of Man Ray and she was impressed by the strength and technique of his images. As a student of Philosophy, she began to take photographs for his anthropologic works. In July 1999, she travelled to Paris for the first time and lived in ‘Colegio de España’. She went around all the galleries and exhibitions with her camera and discovered the work by Robert Mapplethorpe. After she returned, she went on making photographs for advertising and learnt about photography, cinema and art history. In 2006, she decided to devote herself to photography and participated in a workshop with Isabel Muñoz, where she learnt about the platinotype technique. Two months later she opened her own studio. A year later, she attended a workshop with Carlos Cánovas, where she learnt how to use a plate camera. In September she travelled to Vancouver to participate in a workshop with Ralph Gibson. In 2008, she started her approach to cinematographic language and short production. Nowadays she is developing her artistic career in Santiago de Compostela.