Bernardino Graña Villar

Pseudonym: Bernardino Graña
Category: Writer
Birth Date: 27th September 1932
Birth Place: Cangas do Morrazo (Pontevedra)

He took a doctor's degree in Language and Literature and made a minor thesis on Romance Philology about Miguel Torga. He worked in Lugo, Luarca, Tarragona, Sao Paolo and so forth. Since he was eighteen, he was a member, together with Celso Emilio Ferreiro, of the editorial staff of the poetic magazine 'Alba' (Vigo) during the 50's. In Salamanca he took part, together with the teacher and poet Rafael Laínez Alcalá, in the poetic magazines and the coterie 'Marabunta' that organizes poetry reading at Salamanca University. During that decade, he got several prizes in the 'Minerva' Festivities at Santiago University with some poems and a story.

 Work & Activities

He collaborated with articles in the newspapers La Noche and Faro de Vigo, the latter under the editorship of Álvaro Cunqueiro. He promoted and was the first president of the Association of Writers in Galician Language. The singer composer Suso Vaamonde set to music several of his poems. He got the following prizes: 1969: 'O Facho' (tales). 1978: 'Galicia de Santiago' (poetry). 1979: 'Abrente' (theatre). He wrote eight poetry books such as Profecía do mar, Se o noso amor e os peixes..., Himno Verde, among others; three theatre plays: Sinfardinín contra D. Perfecto, Vintemil pesos crime and Os burros que comen and over a dozen narrative books: Fins do mundo; Cristo e San Pedro, peregrinos; Xan Guindán mensaxeiro; Xan Guindán e os salvaxes; Namoro de Lobo Pipo and so forth. He also gave lectures and conferences.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was one of the founders of the groups 'Brais Pinto' and 'Acia' (Associaçao cultural das Illhas Atlánticas, which has been recently founded in Madeira - Portugal). In the late 70's, together with Antón Santamarina, Méndez Ferrín and other writers, he took the first measures to create a Galician Pen Club. He was also one of the authors of the lexicographic appendix of the dictionary made by Eladio Rodríguez González in 1961.