Rodrigo de Quiroga y Camba

Category: Captain
Birth Date: In 1513 (†15th February 1580)
Birth Place: Tuiriz - Masiños - Seteventos (Lugo)

When he was twelve, he began to serve the Countess of Lemos as a page. In 1535, he travelled to Peru and one year later, he fought against the troops of Mango Inga in Lima and Cuzco. Then he participated in the conquest of the 'chunchos' (an Indian tribe) and carried out important community campaigns. In 1541, Santiago del Nuevo Extremo was founded and he was elected mayor of this city in 1548. One year later, he was elected town councillor and governor and field marshal in 1550.

 Other Interesting Aspects

His remains rest in the crypt of the Merced Church in Santiago de Chile, where the first Mercedarian convent was settled. Rodrigo de Quiroga promoted the foundation of the convent.