Fernando Plata Parga

Birth Date: 7th July 1964
Birth Place: Lugo
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He took a doctor’s degree at Michigan University (Ann Arbor) and is a Professor of Spanish Literature at Colgate University (New York). He also directs the Romance Language Department.

 Work & Activities

He is the author of two critic editions of ‘La primera flor del Carmelo’ (Kassel, 1998) and ‘El pastor Fido’ (Kassel, 2003), written by Calderón. He wrote ‘Ocho poemas satíricos de Quevedo’ (Pamplona, 1997) and coedited ‘Estudios de filología y retórica en homenaje a Luisa López Grigera’ (Bilbao, 2000). He has also written many articles and translated ‘Controversias’ by Seneca. Nowadays, he is preparing a critic edition of ‘La Perinola’ by Quevedo.