Xosefa Casalderrey Fraga

Pseudonym: Fina Casalderrey
Category: Teacher and writer
Birth Date: 11st August 1951
Birth Place: Xeve (Pontevedra)
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She studied Teaching and she has been a teacher since she was nineteen (nowadays she is a teacher of Secondary Education). It was then that she began to write and direct several theatre plays that were performed by her pupils and collected in the book Recursos teatrais para a expresión dramática na escola, 'Xerais' Publications. She is very keen on Ethnography. Together with her pupils, she took part in several contests, organised by the Xunta de Galicia and Pontevedra's Museum.

 Work & Activities

Together with her husband, she found out some of the secrets of Galician culture and published the books O libro da empanada, Festas gastronómicas de Galicia and Repostería en Galicia, 'Xerais' Publications. She collaborates in several newspapers and specialised magazines such as 'CLIJ', 'Eidos do Libro', 'Cedofeita', 'Fadamorgana', 'Centro Galego Nós', as well as in many literary events (conferences, juries, speeches, colloquies and round tables), giving lectures related to Gastronomy, etc. In 1991, she wrote the novel for young people Mutacións xenéticas. Most of her work has been translated into the different languages of Spain as well as into Portuguese and Brazilian.As far as literature for children and young people is concerned, she wrote the following books: Mutacións Xenéticas (Vía Láctea, 1991, Edicións Xerais, 1998); Dúas bágoas por Máquina (Edicións Xerais, 1992); A noite dos coroides (Vía Láctea, 1993); Chamizo (Edicións Xerais, 1994); ¡Asústate, Merche! (Edicións Xerais, 1994); O misterio dos fillos da Lúa (SM Publications, 1995); O estanque dos parrulos pobres (Edebé, 1996); ¡Prohibido casar, papá! (Galaxia Publications, 1996); ¿Sobrevives? (Edicións Xerais, 1996); ¡Puag, que noxo! (Editores Asociados: Galaxia, 1997); Podesvir (Sotelo Blanco Publications, 1997); Unha raíña negra (Edebé, 1998); Nolo e os ladróns de leña (SM Publications, 1998); Ás de mosca para Anxo (Anaya Publications, 1998); Pimpín e dona Gata (SM Publications, 1999); O misterio do cemiterio vello (SM Publications, 1999); A filla das ondas (Ayuntamiento de Pontevedra, 1999); Bicos de prata (Ir Indo Publications, 2000) and Unha pantasma branca (Editorial Everest, 2000). She also published the books A rosquilleira, Cando a Terra perdeu a memoria, Canción de Berce, Cita nos xardíns do sur, Derradeira carta ós Reis Magos, Cuca e o abrigo marrón, Chavo de laranxa, Refachos de Néboa...

 Other Interesting Aspects

She got the following prizes: 1991: 'Merlín' Prize of Literature for Children. 1994: 'Barco de Vapor' Prize. 1995: 'EDEBÉ' Prize of Literature for Children. 1996: National Prize of Literature for Children and Young People. 1996: 'Ciudad de Pontevedra' Prize for her literary activity. 1997: Third 'Álvaro Cunqueiro' Prize of Gastronomic Journalism.
She also got several distinctions such as the gold badge, awarded by the City Council of Moraña for her literary activity. She was included in the selection 'The White Ravens 1998' for the International Library of Youth in Munich. She was included in the selection 'Los mejores de la década' (1999). The association 'Monte Blanco' from Ponteceso (A Coruña) paid her an homage in 1999 for her work. In 1999, she also got the silver and gold badge, awarded by the cultural association 'Santa Cecilia' in Marín (Pontevedra).