Roberto Vidal Bolaño

Category: Actor, theatre director and playwright
Birth Date: In 1950 (†10th September 2002)
Birth Place: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Roberto Vidal began to work in a bank firm but his vocation for theatre made him devote himself to it completely. He started his activity in 1974 with 'Antroido' theatre group. In 1975, he founded 'Abrente' group and later on he participated in the cooperative 'Teatro do Estaribel'. Besides, he directed the Galician Dramatic Centre and directed 'Teatro do Aquí' group.

 Work & Activities

As a playwright, these are his most important plays: Días sen gloria, Saxo Tenor and the trilogy Anxeliños, Criaturas and Animaliños. He was also the author of Mar Revolto, Rosalía and Laudamuco, señor de ningures. As an actor, he took part in the following films: Sempre Xonxa by Chano Piñeiro, A noiva de medianoite by Arturo Simón, Amor serrano by Luis Listre and A lingua das volvoretas by José Luis Cuerda. He also directed 'Olympus Comunicación' producer and was the scriptwriter of the TV serial Un mundo de historias.

 Other Interesting Aspects

Roberto Vidal was awarded 'Rafael Dieste', 'Álvaro Cunqueiro' and 'Eixo Atlántico' Prizes. In 2001, he was awarded 'María Casares' and 'Chano Piñeiro' Theatre Prizes as well as 'Max' Spanish Theatre Prize for his play Criaturas.