Luis Pimentel

Category: Poet
Birth Date: 18th december 1895 (†13th February 1958)
Birth Place: Lugo

Luis Benigno Vázquez Fernández, studied Medicine in Santiago de Compostela, took his degree in 1922 and his doctor's degree in Madrid. He lived in a hall of residence and kept in touch with the pre-war generation.

 Work & Activities

During his life he only published some poems in ?Ronsel? and other magazines of that time and a small poetry book titled Triscos (1950). The rest of his production would be published posthumously. In 1950, a year after his death, the book Sombra do aire na herba was published. This book is a collection of almost all the texts he wrote in Galician language. In 1960 he published Barco sin luces, which is the Spanish version of a poetry book that was going to be published in 1936. It could not be published because the publishing house Nós was plundered. The poetry book Cunetas was published in 1981. In this book he described the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War. His poetry is influenced by writers like Rosalía de Castro, Bécquer or Rubén Darío. His world is full of children, hospitals, rivers, the moon, the fear, the rain, being treated with a great sensitiveness impregnated with sorrow and suffering. He uses simple verses without rhyme or strophes and bases himself on the juxtaposition of images and the use of colloquial language.

 Other Interesting Aspects

The Galician Academy dedicated him 'O Día das Letras Galegas' (The Day of the Galcian Letters) in 1990.