Roberto L. Moskowich-Spiegel Pan

Pseudonym: Luis Mosquera e Luis Spiegel
Category: Writer and journalist
Birth Date: 14th July 1936
Birth Place: A Coruña

He worked as a Professor of Commercial Law and lawyer at Court. Besides, he filled the following offices: director of the bank firms 'Banco da Coruña' and 'Banco de Bilbao', press head in the bank firm 'BBV', president of the Galician Hockey and Table Tennis Federation, president of the 'Boat Race Club' of Perillo - Oleiros (A Coruña), honourable president of 'El Eco' Choral Society and vice-president of the association 'Amigos da Coruña'. He worked for the radio stations 'Radio Cadena Española' and 'Radio Coruña-SER' and the newspapers La Voz de Galicia, El Mundo (Caracas) and The Lion (USA). Nowadays, he is working for the newspaper El Ideal Gallego. He directed the Galician News Agency ('Galicia Press). He was a member of the Order of María Pita and founded the 'Enxebre Orde da Vieira'. He founded 'Galician Airlines' and 'ADELPHIA'. Besides, he was the president of the Conferences on Magic and Witchcraft in Galicia and deputy mayor in the City Council of A Coruña.

 Work & Activities

As far as journalism is concerned, he was a special correspondent in important events such as the Olympic Games in Mexico, Germany and Barcelona, the Football World Championships in Mexico, Argentina and Spain, the Field Hockey Championship in Germany and the Hockey on Skates Championship in Chile and Argentina. He was also in the International Fair of New York, the conventions of Hong Kong and Minneapolis, the second anniversary of Disneyland (USA), the 25th anniversary of the 'Galician Brotherhood' in Venezuela and the Centenary of the Spanish Charitable Organisation in Puerto Rico. He gave lectures in Buenos Aires, Caracas, Panamá, Santo Domingo, Río de Janeiro, Andorra, Portugal, France, Chile and Uruguay. He wrote the following books: La Magia Celta; Breves apuntes para una historia de San Mamed (Sada); El Ahorro Familiar; La Mágica Noche de San Juan; Camino de Santiago: Esoterismo y Mística; Astrología y Horóscopos; Mal de Amores: prevención y tratamiento; Marianismo en Galicia: Fe, Tradición, Esoterismo y Folclore, etc.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded several medals and gold badges from the Spanish Skating, Hockey, French bowls and Table Tennis Federations as well as many clubs and entities. He got the medal to the sports merit in hockey and table tennis and the international athletics, hockey, judo and skating prizes. He is the representative of several Galician centres.