Manuel Romay López

Birth Date: In 1941
Birth Place: San Martín de Ombreiro (Lugo)

After studying Secondary Education in Lugo, he was successful in a public competition and was appointed to Pontevedra. Next year he returned to Lugo and kept in touch with his native village. He was interested in everything related to his village and the conversations with the old people who had been in the war of Cuba or had emigrated and then returned to their village again. In his youth he did not think that those speeches full of curiosities, anecdotes, proverbs and riddles could be helpful to write the story of the village.

 Work & Activities

From the professional point of view, he went on with his activity as a civil servant. In 1979 he became head of the Provincial Post Office.

He held this post for twenty-five years with a ten year interval in which he also assumed the functions of provincial director of the Ministry of Transports, Tourism and Communications.

His professional life passed in Lugo although he also spent some time in Cádiz and Las Palmas, where he was sent to solve some problems on two occasions.

He also spent a few years in Madrid to take part in the elaboration of the Post Strategic Plans.

He retired at the beginning of 2006.

When he was forty he graduated in Business Sciences in Lugo.

In 2013 he published his first novel, 'María Balteira, a soldadeira maís fermosa da Corte do Rei Sabio'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

As for his social life, he was one the board of directors of the Art Circle and has been collaborating in talk shows of Cadena Ser and Lugo TV for over ten years. His recent interest in writing is reflected in a chronology of his family in Ombreiro. Nowadays he is still linked to Ombreiro, where he still keeps on his parents’ house, where he lives for some periods of time.