Ricardo Pérez Rosón

Category: Veterinary surgeon
Birth Date: 27th September 1920 (†26th August 2005)
Birth Place: Cervantes (Lugo)

He studied Primary Education in his native village and Secondary Education at ‘Juan Montes’ Secondary School in Lugo. Afterwards, he took a degree in Veterinary Medicine in León (Oviedo University) and after a public competition, he filled several offices in the Public Administration until he retired in 1986: veterinary surgeon in Pedrafita do Cebreiro and Guntín (Lugo), head of laboratory and Veterinary Health Inspection of ‘FRIGSA’, where he retired in 1986, member of the ‘Consello Galego de Sanidade’ (Xunta de Galicia), president of the Veterinary Association of Lugo, president of the Federation of Galician Veterinary Associations and member of the General Council of Spanish Veterinary Associations, head of the cattle-raising syndicate of Lugo, member and rapporteur on cattle raising in the Galician Economical Councils, foundation member of the bank firm ‘Caixa Rural’ in Lugo, secretary of UTECO in Lugo, president of the board of directors of ‘Campoverde’ meat industries in Monforte, president of ‘LUAVI’ and the Agricultural Cooperative of Lugo and the Galician Association of Chick Breeders and Abbatoirs, member and president of the Board of ‘Ternera Gallega’ Specific Denomination, founder and president of the National Association of ‘Rubia Gallega’ Cattle Breeders since 1968.

 Other Interesting Aspects

As result of his important activity in favour of Galicia, he was awarded the following distinctions and prizes: Command of the Health Civil Order of the Ministry of Health, Knight of Cisneros Order, Knight Commander of the Civil Order of Agricultural Merit, Gold Medal of the Federation of Galician Veterinary Associations, ‘Lucense del año, 1987’, Castelao Medal (1994, Xunta de Galicia), Silver Medal to the Galician Health Merit (2001), honourable member and gold badge of ‘Semana Verde de Galicia’ Association (2002) and honourable president of the Veterinary Association of Lugo. He married Amalia Castro López in September 1960. The Rotary Club paid him a homage on 25th June 2004.