José Luis Caamaño Castro

Category: Painter and photographer
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He started his artistic career when he was fourteen and one year later, he was awarded several honours in contests for painting in the open air. When he was sixteen, he went in for three Oil Painting Contests, being awarded the first prize of the Plastic Art Contest of the Ministry of Culture and the first prize of the contest homage to Picasso. He collaborated with several artists such as Gómez Pacios, López Guntin, José Maria Lugilde and Paco Pestana and has celebrated several individual and collective painting exhibitions. At the same time, he studied Art, he gave courses promoted by the Ministry of Culture, especially those about engraving, glass carving, pottery decoration, stained-glass windows and polychromy. He specialized in the strained-glass window technique, designing his own windows and restoring others in several churches and cathedrals (Lugo’s Cathedral, Leon’s Cathedral and Samos Monastery). He is responsible for the department of the artistic design of glass at ‘Unión Cristalera’, teaches the Fussing technique, studies glass blowing and other techniques in the Glass Centre of Barcelona and collaborates in glass blowing works in Majorca. He has collaborated with several artists such as Orfeo Quagliata (Oakiand.CA), Rodolfo Herrera Saldaña (Mexico) and Ramón Pozo Fernández (Spain). He also makes artistic sculpture with clay and bronze and is an expert on wax smelting.

 Work & Activities

He has made wax-smelting works for several sculptors such as Paco Pestana and the Xunta de Galicia and has especially collaborated with a Professor of the Massana School. He also works several modelling techniques for pottery. As an expert on artistic and industrial serigraphy and vitrifiable transfer, he makes sketches and serigraphy collections and collaborates in some art magazines. As far as photography is concerned, he collaborates with model agencies, gives courses and makes advertising and artistic photography as well as fashion catalogues. Besides, he has celebrated the following photographic exhibitions: Green Street (June 2004), Posición B (A Coruña, August 2004) and ‘Revista Imagen y Comunicación Ejemplar’ (July 2004).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He is the creative director of the firm ‘Área Gráfica’, dedicated to graphic and advertising design and foundation member and vicepresident of the ‘Posición B’ Photographic Association, inaugurated in July 2004.