Ricardo Flores Pérez

Category: Playwright
Birth Date: 1st May 1903 (†25th July 2002)
Birth Place: Sada (A Coruña)

He showed a vocation for theatre since he was very young and directed a small group that performed two plays in Sada (A Coruña): Un fillo de bendición and Os consellos do tío Xan. In 1929, he arrived in Buenos Aires and was a member of the board of directors of Pondal Nationalist Society, 'Centro Coruñés', 'Consello de Galiza' and 'Irmandade Galega'. He collaborated with articles in several newspapers, especially in A Fouce.

 Work & Activities

He published his first article in 1933 titled 'A patria dos galegos'. He wrote the following plays: Un ovo de dúas xemas (first performed in 1938), Enguedello (first performed in 1939), Para iso son teu amigo, Uxío, Catro estampas de beiramar, A nosa terra é nosa (unpublished), O afiador (unpublished) and Un remedio malfadado (unpublished). Ricardo Flores also developed a very important activity in choral groups. Because of this activity, he published the book Escolma de Cantigas Galegas in 1984.