Lourdes Acera Olaso

Pseudonym: A. Olaso
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 11th February 1969
Birth Place: Durango (Biscay)


She took a degree in Fine Arts at the Basque Country University (1992) and attended several courses and workshops such as the Second Short Course on Creativity (Santiago de Compostela University, 1998), the 14th summer course on contemporary illustration (University of Santiago, 1998), workshop at Unión Fenosa Contemporary Art Museum, directed by Juan Genovés (1999), course on wood carving and furniture restoration (As Pontes, 2000), course on sculpture in alabaster, given by Eadhmonn ‘Condros’ (2000), workshop at Unión Fenosa Contemporary Art Museum, directed by Martín Chirino (2001), the course ‘Plástica en primaria’ (Ferrol), comic workshop, given by Manel Cráneo in As Pontes (2001), ‘Marcelino Botín’ Foundation workshop, directed by Miguel Navarro (2002) and workshop at Unión Fenosa Contemporary Art Museum, directed by Eduardo Arroyo (2003). She also attended the ‘I e II Xuntanza de Xoves Artistas’, (Xunta de Galicia, 1998 and 1999), the Drawing and Engraving Fair in Lugo (1998 and 1999) and A Coruña (1998), ‘Xuntanza do Grupo 20’, (Xunta de Galicia, 2001) and ‘III Encontro de Torneiros’ in Xermade, Lugo (2000).

 Work & Activities

From 1992 to 2001, she presented individual exhibitions in Galdácano (Biscay), As Pontes (A Coruña), Ferrol, Pontedeume, Poio (Pontevedra) and Lesneven (Brittany - France) and collective ones from 1996 to 2004 in Burela (Lugo), ‘Juan Larrea’ Gallery (Bilbao), Mugardos, As Pontes and Pontedeume (A Coruña), City Council of Erandio (Biscay), Cervo (Lugo), Auditorium of Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra), Cambre (A Coruña), Cultural Centre in San Sadurniño (A Coruña), Casa de la Parra (Santiago), Cangas do Morrazo (Pontevedra), Convento del Carmen (Padrón - A Coruña), Promenade (A Coruña), O Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense), City Council of Lora del Río (Seville), ‘Eugenio Granell’ Foundation (Santiago) and ‘Marcelino Botín’ Foundation (Santander).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She was awarded ‘Burela Gallery’ First Painting Prize ( Burela - Lugo) in the year 2000 and the scholarship ‘X Valdearte. Encontro na Paisaxe’, O Barco de Valdeorras (Ourense), 2001. Her work can be found at ‘Unión Fenosa’ Contemporary Art Museum, the gallery of the City Council of Burela, Valdearte collection, ‘Murueta de Abadiño’ (a country holiday house in Biscay) and private collections.