Ramón Villar Ponte

Category: Escritor
Birth Date: 10th July 1890 (†† 14th September 1953)
Birth Place: Viveiro (Lugo)

He studied and took his exams as an independent candidate at the Secondary School of Lugo. Then he studied Philosophy and Arts at Madrid University (1912-16) and after taking his degree, he came back to Galicia. Together with Jaime Quintanilla, he organised the 'Irmandade da Fala' in Ferrol and edited the bulletins. In 1921, the group founded 'Céltiga', the first nationalist publishing house, forerunner of 'Lar' and 'Nós' and he became the manager. In 1922, he moved to Viveiro, where he created a nationalist group. He worked as a correspondent of the newspapers El Sol and La Voz de Madrid, also collaborating in Galicia and El Pueblo Gallego (Vigo).

 Work & Activities

The essay O sentimento nazonalista e o internazonalismo (he entered the Institute of Galician Studies in 1927 reading this essay) was published in 1929 as a series of articles is 'A Nosa Terra'. These are some of his most important works: Historia sintética de Galicia (A Coruña, 1927), Breviario de Autonomía (Santiago, 1933) and Teatro irlandés. Dous folk-dramas de W. B. Yeats (Santiago, 1935).

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1936, he fulfilled the initiative of his brother Antón founding the Association of Galician Writers in Santiago.