Manuel Domínguez Benavides

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 20th April 1895 (†in 1947)
Birth Place: Ponteareas (Pontevedra)

He got his degree in Law at Santiago University and worked as civil servant in the local tax office. In Madrid he collaborated in the newspaper El Liberal and edited the magazine Estampa, which was very successful. Afilliated to the socialist party, he was taken to prison when the revolt took place in October 1934. When he was free, he travelled to France. Shortly after, he came back to Spain to renew the political campaign for the restoration of the Republic. The Civil War burst out and he had to go to Mexico into exile.

 Work & Activities

Manuel Domínguez Benavides started his literary activity publishing Lamentación (1922), En lo más hondo and Cándido, hijo de Cándido. In the 30's, he wrote two books about political themes: Un hombre de treinta años and El último pirata del Mediterráneo. During the period of time he spent in Madrid he wrote two theatre plays: El protagonista de la virtud and El hombre, la mujer y el diablo. In Mexico he became secretary of the magazine Reconquista de España and published Los nuevos profetas (1942), La escuadra la mandan los cabos (1944) and Guerra y revolución en Cataluña (1946). He died when his works Soy del quinto regimiento and La historia se hace en Madrid were on the verge of being published.