Pucho Boedo

Category: Singer
Birth Date: In 1928 (†26th January 1986)
Birth Place: Silva - Ramalleira (A Coruña)

After his father and brother were shot in the Civil War, music was his solace. In 1953, he won a radio quiz programme and signed a contract as a singer in the orchestra ‘Os Trovadores’. In 1955, he travelled to Venezuela with the orchestra ‘Satélites’, where he stayed for some years and became very successful. Some years later, the group ‘Los Tamara’ called him and were successful in Marsella, Germany and Switzerland.

 Work & Activities

Songs like Camino de Sahara, Pide, Twist, Mi tierra gallega or Sirtaki were very successful but it was in the mid 60’s that they became very successful with the first pop song written in Galician language titled Galicia terra nosa. They went on being successful and turned into the first group of history that made a record in Galician language. Before his death he still made a new record with ‘Los Tamara’ titled Volvendo.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was paid two important homages in London and A Coruña.