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Category: Actress
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He studied theatre performance at school and attended a course on Psychodrama at the Theatre Workshop of ‘Alexandre Bóveda’ Cultural Association, a Theatre Workshop of the Forum Metropolitano and studied Drama at Casahamlet with Manuel Lourenzo (body language, classic and contemporary theatre, voice, diction, breathing and declamation, Greek theatre and comedia dell’ arte).

 Work & Activities

She did advertising spots on TV, as well as episodes of serials on Galician TV and collaborated in hidden camera programmes on Galician TV. Regarding cinema, she worked in the following shorts: ‘El Doce’ (a project that was awarded the first prize of the Consellería de Cultura - Xunta de Galicia) directed by Marta Rey; ‘Alex y yo’, directed by Pedro Santos for Formato Vídeo Producciones and ‘Sólo por ahí’, directed by Julia Boedo. She participated in the following plays: ‘O amante póstumo’ by Manuel Lourenzo, ‘Flora e María’ by Xesús Pisón, directed by Xavier Castiñeiras, ‘Ensonos anónimos’, directed by Xavier Castiñeiras, ‘A pousadeira’ by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Xavier Castiñeiras, ‘Se alquila apartamento’, ‘Doutor Meléndrez, dedos de ouro’ Theatre Workshop of ‘Alexandre Bóveda’ Cultural Association), ‘Ulises o grego’ directed by Lino Braxe , ‘La Gran Ganga’ and poetry reading and theatre in the street (A Coruña).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He speaks Spanish and Galician (he got the diploma of the Language School of A Coruña).