Pedro Agar y Bustillo

Category: Seaman and politician
Birth Date: In 1764 (†2nd October 1822)
Birth Place: Santa Fe (Colombia)

His parents were Galician but he was born in Santa Fe when his parents travelled to America as valets of the viceroy of Nueva Granada. When he was sixteen, he entered the Midshipmen Company of Cadiz Department and was nominated as brigadier. After going aboard the ‘Santo Domingo’, he was nominated as commissioned officer in 1781 and sub-lieutenant three years later. In 1787, he was nominated as lieutenant and began to teach Mathematics at the School of Midshipmen in Ferrol. In 1791, he entered the Corps of Engineers of the Army in Ferrol. In 1800, he was nominated as director of the Midshipmen Companies. Once the King swore the Constitution in 1812, Pedro Agar was nominated as political head and captain of Galician Kingdom.