Javier García Tobío

Category: Expert in Computer Science
Birth Date: 4th November 1951
Birth Place: Ourense
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He took a degree in Computer Science and System Engineering at Deusto University. He worked for the following firms: 'Caja de Ahorros de Vizcaya', 'JELASA', 'Siderurgia de Galicia' and 'Fujitsu ICL España S.A.' as marketing general manager. Nowadays, he is the manager of the Galician Centre of Computerization.

 Work & Activities

He worked for 'Fujitsu' for 18 years, where he took part in many projects and filled the offices of project and marketing manager. Nowadays, he directs the support activity to the Galician scientific community at the Galician Centre of Computerisation. This centre participates with the research workers in more than 30 projects.

 Other Interesting Aspects

From the Spanish Centre of Computerization, he gives professional advice to public and private institutions.