Pedro Acuña y Malvar

Category: Priest
Birth Date: In 1755 (†In 1814)
Birth Place: Salcedo (Pontevedra)

He was a priest and accompanied his uncle, Sebastián Malvar, when this was ordained as bishop of Buenos Aires. Pedro Acuña returned to Spain when he was nominated as archbishop of Santiago. In 1784, he was nominated as vicar-general and governor of the diocese of Lugo and 'maestreescuela' of his chapter the following year. In 1789, he got the Cross of Carlos III and two years later, in 1791, he filled the office of chamberlain supernumerary and oratory in Madrid and the King granted him the priory of O Sar. That same year he became a member of the Council of Castile. In 1792, he was elected secretary of State, secretary of the Ministry of Mercy and Justice and councillor of state in 1794. He was persecuted and fled to France, returning some years later. In 1811, he was arrested in Galicia and taken to prison in San Antón (A Coruña). Before his death, he bequeathed his library and his collection of tapestries to the Chapter of Santiago.