José Lamela Bautista

Category: Writer
Birth Date: 1st November 1947
Birth Place: Riocaldo (Ourense)

He emigrated to Barcelona in 1973, where he started his professional activity in the hydrocarbon sector, taking advantage of his studies on Industrial Engineering and specific education about gas pipes in Barcelona.
He worked for OHL and participated in the construction of the national network of gas and oil pipelines. Regarding Galicia, he directed the construction of the first oil pipeline between A Coruña and Vigo.
At the moment, he is Mayor of Lobios (Ourense).

 Work & Activities

He published "El Xurés y sus misterios" (historic essay) and many historic research works about the Galician Xurés and the Portuguese Gerês in several Galician magazines such as ‘Auria’, ‘Arraianos’, ‘Nos’, ‘Xurdimento’ and ‘Lúa Nova’. He also wrote a thousand articles for several newspapers and is a permanent collaborator of La Región and Geresâo (Portugal).

 Other Interesting Aspects

He has been a member of the panel of Rosalía de Castro Poetry Prize and Rosa Reboredo Narrative Prize since 2004, organized by Rosalía de Castro Cultural Association in Cornellá (Barcelona).
He has directed “Sempre en Galicia” on Radio Cornellá since 2000. Over a hundred outstanding Galician personalities collaborated in this programme.
He is the president of two associations for the protection of environment: ‘Amigos de Riocaldo’ and ‘Plataforma por la defensa de Riocaldo’.
In June 2007, he joined the Galician Socialist Party and was elected Mayor of Lobios (Ourense).