Pablo Mosquera Ferrando

Category: Doctor
Birth Date: 9th June 1920 (†October 2002)
Birth Place: Vilamarín (Ourense)

He was son, brother, father, grandson and great-grandson of doctors.

He studied Medicine in Santiago de Compostela and was medical inspector of the Social Security. In 1968, he graduated in Hospital Management.

Scholar at St José Hospital (Lugo).

Founder and director of ‘La Paz’ Hospital (Madrid).

Managing director of ‘Vall de Hebrón’ Hospital.

Managing director of the mutualism medical service in Spain.

Manager of the Galician University Hospital (Santiago de Compostela).

He finished his profesional career as director of the National Health Clinic Sector in Tenerife.

Member of the University Tuna of Compostela during the postwar period.