Jesús Fernández López

Pseudonym: Suso Fernández
Category: Journalist and writer
Birth Date: 31st July 1937


He estudied Secondary Education at 'Maristas' School in A Coruña. He studied Teaching and became an attorney although he never practised. He liked Journalism since he was young and collaborated in several newspapers and radio stations. In 1963, he opened the first bookshop and publishing house in Foz. He promotes many cultural and charitable events, as well as many social and cultural groups such as 'O Feitizo' Association, 'Amigos das artes', 'Feira do Libro de Foz', 'Ruta Turística Pardo de Cela', etc...

 Work & Activities

He has written the following books: San Martín de Mondoñedo: Guía Histórica y Artística (1976); Foz, un lugar de ensueño (Everest, 1991) and Foz, o mar e as xentes (1999). He has also written the script of the documentaries Foz, un lugar de ensueño; Ruta Pardo de Cela: Paisaje, Arte e Historia and Finca Galea. He is the promoter and editor of the magazine 'A Rapadoira' and the newspapers 'Rompeolas' and 'Despertar'.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was awarded the following prizes and distinctions: 'Lucense del año 1997', 'Cabaleiro da Orde do Camiño de Santiago', 'Cronista oficial de Foz' and the silver badge of the Choral Society of Mondoñedo.