Félix Ramón Doldán Tié

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 21st April 1937
Birth Place: A Coruña
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He took a doctor's degree in Economical and Business Sciences and a degree in General and Business Economy at 'Complutense' University in Madrid. He is also an actuary (Basque Country University) and graduated in Computer Science at the Pontifical University of Madrid. He has worked as a commercial teacher at the Trade School in A Coruña. He is a Professor of Financial Business Economy, director of the Financial Economy and Accountancy Department (A Coruña University) and Professor of Business Organisation and Administration, Integration and Balance Analysis and Organisation and Auditing.

 Work & Activities

He carried out his professional activity in 'IBM' for twenty-eight years. Nowadays, he is retired. He published the following books Modelos de optimización aplicables a la gestión de la producción. Fundamentos de la Programación Lineal. ?Tórculo? Publications, 1989; Introducción a la Economía de la Empresa. ?Tórculo? Publications, 1990; Planificación y Control de Proyectos. ?Tórculo? Publications, 1990; Economía Financiera de la Empresa. ?Tórculo? Publications, 1994; Métodos cuantitativos de selección de inversiones. ?Tórculo? Publications, 1999; Métodos cuantitativos de selección de inversiones. Modelos y técnicas multicriterio (in collaboration with the Professor A. Fernández Castro, which was published in Russian by Minsk University, thanks to the EU "Tempus" programme, which was carried out in collaboration with the Polytechinical University of Barcelona) 2000 and Fundamentos de las decisiones financieras empresariales. Tórculo Ediciones, 2001. . Research lines: "Sistemas de información", "Teoría de la Decisión", "Análisis Multicriterio", "Gestión de la incertidumbre" y "Valoración de instrumentos financieros". He has published many articles in magazines and collaborated in books and reports in national and international conferences. He has directed ten doctoral thesis.