Ovidio Fernández Sánchez

Category: Audio-visual producer
Birth Date: In 1962
Birth Place: Navia de Suarna (Lugo)

In 1978, he moved to Barcelona, where he studied Secondary Education and made experimental shorts in 'Super8'. In 1984, he moved to Madrid, where he continued his audio-visual formation at the Centre of Image Teaching, also attending courses on illumination and sound. In 1986, he established himself in Santiago de Compostela and began to work for the audio-visual producers 'CTV S.A.' and 'Espello Video Cine' (A Coruña) while he was studying Geography and History at Santiago University. He gave up his career when he began to work for the Spanish TV in 1989, where he still works nowadays.

 Work & Activities

He made many reports and documentaries that were broadcasted in many channels ('La primera' and 'La 2' (Spanish TV), 'Canal Internacional', 'Grandes Documentales Hispasat', 'Canales Temáticos', '24 horas', 'EuroNews', etc), collaborating in several areas and as a photography director. These are some of his most important documentaries: Segura Torrella, paisaxe e paisanaxe (1990), produced by Spanish TV, Ltd. - 15 minutes (about the work of one of the best Galician painters of the 20th century), Kompostela, kapital Bravú (1997), produced by Santiago de Compostela University - 45 minutes (finalist in the section of documentaries in the AGAPI Prizes (1998)), Naviegos, os outros arraianos (2001), produced by Spanish TV, Ltd. - 90 minutes (a subjective vision of the river Navia, where the author looks for his origin). He participated in the Second Latin American Congress of Independent Documentary (Mexico, April 2002). It was projected at 'Carrillo Gil' Museum of Contemporary Art. He also got a prize at ?El Riu? International Cinema Festival, Barcelona (2002) and was invited to participate in The New York Latin American Cinema Festival, La CinemaFe.