Olga Novo

Category: Poetess and essayist
Birth Date: 29th January 1975
Birth Place: Vilarmao, Pobra do Brollón (Lugo)
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-Degree in Galician Philology, University of Santiago de Compostela.

-Teacher of Secondary Education.

-University assistant in Rennes.

-Losada Diéguez Literary Prize for ‘Nós nus’.

-Ánxel Fole Research Prize for ‘Uxío Novoneyra. Lingua loaira’.

-The Patronage of Galician Culture in Montevideo honoured her in the Day of Galician Poetry (2004).


 Work & Activities

She published ‘A teta sobre o sol’ (1996), ‘Nós nus’ (1997) and ‘A cousa vermella’ (2004). She also published many poems in art books, anthologies, collective books, magazines (Ólisbos, Animal, Unión libre, Valdeleite, Festa da Palabra Silenciada, Dorna and Xistral) and newspapers (El País and ABC).

As an essayist she published ‘Por un vocabulario galego do sexo. A terminoloxía erótica de Claudio Rodríguez Fer’ (1995), ‘O lume vital de Claudio Rodríguez Fer’ (1999) and ‘Uxío Novoneyra. Lingua loaira’ (2005).

She participated with studies and essays in conferences and Galician magazines (Moenia, Boletín Galego de Literatura, Anuario de Estudios Literarios Galegos, Revista Galega do Ensino and A Nosa Terra) and foreign ones (Ínsula and La Torre, magazine of the University of Puerto Rico). She mainly focussed on proposals of European vanguard (surrealist and erotic proposals) as she wrote about André Breton, Léo Ferré, Eugenio Granell and Fernando Pessoa.


 Other Interesting Aspects

She was on the editorial staff of Ólisbos, Animal, Unión libre and Valdeleite. She translated ‘El contradiscurso de las mujeres. Historia del proceso feminista’ by Carmen Blanco from Galician and coordinated ‘Anarquía’ de Ólisbos (1997) and ‘Erotismos’ de Unión libre (1999).