José M. Lado Romero

Category: Psychiatrist
Birth Date: 18th April 1941
Birth Place: Carballo (A Coruña)

He studied Medicine at Santiago University. He specialized in Neurology and Psychiatry and lived in Vigo, Oviedo and Bonneval-Chartres (France). He works as Psychiatry assistant lecturer at Santiago University. He worked at 'Conxo' Psychiatric Hospital, where he was the head of the Psychiatry service. Since 1978 up to the moment, he has held the post of medical director. His most important activity consists of medical assistance as psychiatrist, but he also takes part in the planification and development of psychiatric attendance programmes within the autonomous region. Nowadays he works on the rehabilitation of chronic mental patients. We must stand out his contribution to transform the attendance from the traditional psychiatric hospital as well as the planification and direction of other attendance services in constant change and evolution as an alternative to internment to attend mental patients.