Nicandro Ares Vázquez

Birth Date: 7th June 1926 († 22nd July 2017)
Birth Place: Santa Eulalia de Bóveda (Lugo)

He was ordained as a priest in 1951. He studied Holy Theology and graduated in Philosophy; he is also an expert in classic languages. In 1952, he was appointed to San Cristovo de Cervela parish church. In 1955, he began to work as a teacher at the Diocesan Seminary. In 1967, he was nominated as a representative member of the diocese and member of the Sacred Art Commission. In 1981, he accepted to be the episcopal delegate for the Missions and also entered the Heritage Diocesan Commission.

 Work & Activities

From 1964 to 2005, he published seventy-seven works about the origin of the names of places and people. His activity as a researcher is reflected in a thousand articles published in different newspapers and magazines. He researched the toponyms of twenty-four villages of Lugo and half a dozen of other provinces.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the Galician Academy. The RAG published in two books (2011 e 2013) his works with the title 'Estudos de Toponimia Galega'.