Xavier Pousa Carrera

Pseudonym: Xavier Pousa
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 13th April 1931 (†8th December 2000)
Birth Place: Goián (Pontevedra)

He was a pupil of Antonio Fernández. In 1951, he entered 'San Fernando' School of Fine Arts (Madrid) with a scholarship of the County Council of Pontevedra and the City Council of Tomiño (Pontevedra). In 1955, he was awarded 'Carmen del Río' Prize ('San Fernando' Academy of Fine Arts). In 1956, he studied Painting at the School of Fine Arts in Munich. In the early 70's, he lived in Ourense for a short period, where he formed part of a group that Vicente Risco called 'Os Artistiñas'. Together with other artists, he founded 'Estampa Popular Galega' in 1967-68, an itinerant exhibition around many Galician villages. He cultivated a lyrical impressionism with a colourful richness.

 Work & Activities

He has carried out exhibitions in the most important Spanish cities since 1954. He also exhibited his works in Canada, Mexico, Portugal and Venezuela. In 1994, 'Caixavigo' Cultural Centre organised a selective exhibition with his works in the series 'Grandes Artistas Gallegos'. In 1995, he exhibited his paintings in the new gallery of the bank firm 'Caixavigo' and 'Faunas' Gallery in Madrid. His last exhibition was carried out in Mondariz-Balneario (Pontevedra) in the year 2002. His works can be found at the Museum of Fine Arts in A Coruña, Lugo's Museum, Ourense's Museum, Pontevedra's Museum, 'Quiñones de León' Museum in Vigo, 'Carlos Maside' Museum in Sada (A Coruña), 'Bello Piñeiro' Museum in Ferrol (A Coruña), Galician Parliament, Xunta de Galicia, several Galician City Councils, Santiago de Compostela University, 'Zona Franca de Vigo' collection, etc. His paintings are also represented in private collections in Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Holland, Portugal, USA, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1956, he was awarded 'Sésamo' Prize for his painting Praza de Santo Domingo. In 1966, he became a member of the Galician Academy of Fine Arts. He was a member of 'Pedrón de Ouro' Foundation, the artistic advisory board of 'Caixanova' and the Foundation of 'Quiñones de León' Museum in Vigo as artistic adviser. He promoted 'Mondariz Balneario' Foundation and directed the scholarship 'Beca de Paisaxe Xavier Pousa'. There are references to his biography and work in the following books: Plástica Gallega (1981); Pintura Contemporánea en Galicia (1987); Diccionario de pintores y escultores españoles del siglo XX (1994); Gran Enciclopedia Gallega, Colección Caixavigo, pintura-escultura-dibujo (1995); Colección de Arte Galega, Museo Quiñones de León (1995); Os Pousas de Pousa (2000); Artistas Galegos, Pintores (realismo) (2001) and Gallegos; Homenaxe a Xavier Pousa (2002).