Dulce María Orjales Valcárcel

Pseudonym: Maruxa Orxales
Category: Writer
Birth Place: Ferrol (A Coruña)

The poet Francisco Añón was one of her relatives on her mother's side. She began to study Law at Santiago University. Then she moved to Madrid, where she studied Psychology. Although she was still young, she began to collaborate in magazines, radio and newspapers, getting small prizes. She was finalist of short novel at 'Café Gijón'.

 Work & Activities

In 1971, she published her first book Te he perdido, para ti mis palabras. A second and a third edition of this book came out in 1972 and 1973. She was supported by the writer Otero Pedrayo. She carried out poetry reading all over Spain, sometimes in Galicia together with Celso Emilio Ferreiro. She collaborated in several magazines such as 'Revista Hispano Americana (Norte)', 'La Estafeta Literaria', 'Poesía Hispánica', 'Galicia en Madrid', 'Poesía en Galicia', etc. In 1974, she published her second book Viviendo en amor ('Agora' Publications), supported by Concha Lagos. In 1975, she published Caminos (El Arte Instituto del Libro, Madrid) in a bilingual edition (Galician-Castilian). She collaborated in Argentina, Mexico ('Norte' magazine), Canada and other countries in the most important magazines. In 1989, she published her fourth book, Elesmiel ('Torremozas' Publications) and a second edition of the book came out in 1990 with favourable opinions of the critics. In 1992, she published ¿Se apagará esta luz?, prologued by the poet Uña Juárez. In 1999, she published Hombres para el milagro, which is a poetry book dedicated to the village Cedeira. Among her immediate projects, she has a narrative book titled Y además de..., where she talks about her experiences with José Filgueira Valverde, Ramón Otero Pedrayo, Celso Emilio Ferreiro and Manuel Fraga Iribarne. Iris de Paz en mi brumoso cielo (a collection of sonnets) and Huellas de amor para el camino are his last books in Spanish. She also wrote A fonte secreta in Galician, prologued by Filgueira Valverde.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is a member of the following associations in Madrid: 'Artistic Society of Writers', 'Athenaeum', 'Latin American Academy of Poetry' and 'Prometeo' Association of Poetry where she collaborates. She was invited to make a speech in the festivities in Perlio, Fene, Piñeiros and Narón. In the year 2000, she entered the association 'Enxebre Orden de la Vieira' and was awarded with the gold 'vieira' as she was considered the most important poetess of the year. Her life and work appear in the Galician Encyclopaedia. Her poems were collected in several anthologies and her biography appears in the most important people 'Who's who?'. In 1996, she took part in a charity festival celebrated at ?Jofre? Theatre in Ferrol, organised by ?Chorima? Group together with ?Los tres solitarios?. ?Virxe do Mar? Choral Society in Cedeira (A Coruña) recorded a carol she wrote, ?O mar chegou a Belén?, set to music by the conductor of the choral society José A. Suárez Aneiros.