Miguel Cabana

Category: Musician. Drummer.
Birth Date: In 1975
Birth Place: A Coruña

When he was thirteen, he started to study classic percussion and a few years later he devoted himself to drums and modern percussion. He studied drums with Antonio Cruz "Perillo" and Latin percussion with Javier Ferreiro "Man".

He has been playing drums in rock, funk, Latin and jazz bands since he was fifteen.

During his education, he studied at the Creative Music School in Madrid with Carlos Carli.

He participated in seminars, Máster Class Clinics with Roberto de Souza, Fernando Marcón, Jeff Jerolamón, Brian Abrahams, José Carrasco, Pepe Motos, Isaac Vigueras "o louro", Sergio Ramos, Juan Flores, Billy Cobham, Akira Jimbo, Trilok Gurtu,etc...

In September 1999 he began to teach jazz and modern music at the Music School in A Coruña and took a degree in Jazz Performance at the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama (London)

In the last years he has been sharing stage with musicians like Scott Stroman, Brian Trainor, John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Cennet Jönson, Fredd Thelonious Baker, Carlos Averhoff Jr., Steve Brown, Walter White, Eric Reed, Calixto Oviedo, Sergio Delgado, Javier Constenla, Quique Alvarado, Carmen Rey, Roberto Somoza, X. L. Miguélez, Octavio Vargas, Alberto Conde, Kin García, Pepe Evangelista, Nani García, Alfonso Morán, Marcelino Galán, Xacobe Martínez Antelo, among others.

Nowadays, he combines teaching with different projects: Carmen Rey Grupo, Anxos Dorrio Cuartet, Rúa Cega, Monkillos, Loretta Martin, Nani García Trío, Hansel Luis Cuartet, Saffron, Roberto Somoza/ Yellow, Atlantic Bridgee Wilson Ortega & Banda.

He is endorser of NP drums (Nova Percusió), Parches Remo, Baquetas Morgan Mallets and Pratos Murat Diril.