Ramón González Enríquez

Birth Place: Moreiras (Ourense)

He participated in ‘Ruada’ Choir with polyphony and folklore, in ‘El Eco’ Choral Society with polyphony and ‘zarzuela’ and opera choirs, helping the conductor Rodrigo A. de Santiago in the rehearsals, in ‘Cantigas da Terra’ Choir as conductor for seven years (from 1944 to 1958, he travelled with this group to Brittany on two occasions, being the Galician pavilion the finest example of polyphony, folklore and dance). This is the most important production of ‘Cantigas da Terra’: Alalá de Salcedo y otras seis, Foliada da Cantiga Mareira y otras diecisiete, Gran Pandeirada y otras seis, Manco do muiño y otras nueve, Muñeiras para gaitas sólo de la una a la seis, Era outra vez o muiño, a play of customs and manners by Laureano Álvarez Martínez for choir, dance and symphonic orchestra with collaboration of pipes. In 1959, he moved to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

 Work & Activities

After he retired in the 90’s, he began to go around all villages of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and published stories about the history of music bands. He was one of the founders of the Association of Symphonic Composers and Musicologists of Tenerife, being the secretary during the first five years. In this last period, he wrote the following pieces for wind and percussion instruments: a duet of flutes and bassoons, two trios, two quartets, three quintets and the symphonic plays Pentaton, Canarias I, Sextando, Canarias II and Lembranzas, among others. All this production is registered at the Society of Spanish Authors.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He entered the old mutual benefit societies after a public competition in 1949. Some years later, he promoted to the technical corps and finally retired as subdirector of the Social Security.