Gonzalo Sánchez Folgueira

Pseudonym: Zalo
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 12th October 1941
Birth Place: Lugo



He studied at the Business School and took a degree in Interior Decorating and Architecture. He also got a certificate of Artistic Photography. When he was young, he was chosen to attend the First National Course of Fine Arts in Madrid. From 1961 to 1966, he held the post of secretary at the 'Eijo Garay' Boarding School in Lugo, organizing and coordinating the cultural activities of the centre.

 Work & Activities

In 1960, he exhibited his paintings at the City Hall of Lugo for the first time. Since then, he has been exhibiting paintings, drawings and photographs in different art galleries and institutions in the Galician autonomous region. Among other distinctions, he got honourable mention at the National Contest of Fine Arts (1962) and his artistic work was chosen for the Second Art Biennial in Pontevedra (1972). He was invited on several occasions to take part in different collective exhibitions by Galician artists and at the Salon of Nations in Paris. We can find his works in several private collections in Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the Provincial Museum of Lugo as well. Since 1969 he has been working as a Drawing, Painting and Artistic Photography teacher at 'Lucus Augusto' Secondary Education, 'Divino Maestro' School, 'Sagrado Corazón' School, 'Caixa Galicia' Club and so forth. Nowadays he works as an Artistic Photography teacher at 'Ramón Falcón' Technical School in Lugo. He was a member of the Committee for Social and Cultural Works at 'Caixa Galicia'. In February 1995, he founded the Plastic Artists Association in Lugo. He was also elected as president of the association but he gave up in December 1998. In 1981, he began to publish articles and essays about art in several magazines, collaborating with the radio station 'Radio Lugo' and writing a series of present-day dialogues. In 1992, he wrote a series of present-day comments for the radio station 'Cope', titled 'Con viento fresco'. He has been collaborating for the last years in El Progreso (Lugo), writing ironically and humorously about art criticism, essays and short stories.