Marilar Aleixandre

Category: Professor and writer
Birth Date: 1st May 1947
Birth Place: Madrid
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She was born in Madrid, moving later to Vigo. She studied Biology and began to work as a teacher in the 70's. Nowadays, she is working as a Professor of Science Didactics and Environmental Education at Santiago de Compostela University.

 Work & Activities

She learnt to write by reading and writing pamphlets and articles for magazines of clandestine parties (when she was studying). He wrote the poetry book Catálogo de Velenos, 1999 ('Esquío' Prize, 1998) and some important narrative books such as Teoría do Caos, Xerais, 2001, Vigo ('Xerais' Prize, 2001); A Compañía Clandestina de Contrapublicidade, Galaxia, 1998 ('A. Cunqueiro' Prize) and Lobos nas Illas (Xerais, 1996). She also wrote books for children and young people such as A Expedición do Pacífico, Xerais, 1994 ('Merlín' Prize, 1994 and Criticism Prize, 1995); O trasno de Alqueidón, Xerais, 1996 (Illustrations by Miguelanxo Prado) ('Rañolas' Prize, 1996); A banda sen futuro, Xerais, 1999 ('Lazarillo' (1999) and 'Lecturas' Prize, 2001) and Paxaros de papel, Xerais, 2001 (Illustrations by Lázaro Enríquez).

 Other Interesting Aspects

She is a member of the literary circles 'Batallón Literario da Costa da Morte' and 'Letras de Cal'. Her books have been translated into Castilian, Catalan, Basque and Portuguese. While the comic Golfiño was in existence, she wrote the scripts of the comic script 'Os Escachapedras', drawn by Fran Bueno. She sometimes translates works by Carrol or the poetess Sandra Cisneros. She likes travelling and there is an Arab proverb that says: 'We must not trust travellers because they tell many lies'.