Victor García Puga

Category: Singer and actor
Birth Date: 6th September 1938
Birth Place: A Coruña

After studying Primary Education, he stayed in the Seminary in El Espino (Burgos) for five years. After finishing the military service in Sahara, he moved to Madrid and entered in the car company 'Fenusa', where he became a purchase manager in three sections. Then he also became purchases manager in the firm Spar Española, S.A. In 1974, he started to work for the firm 'Pleamar' as manager of the purchase head office for five grocery stores. Then he moved to the firm 'Casan, Ltd'. as purchases and sales manager. In 1981, he began to work for the dairy firm 'Leyma' as purchases manager. As he worked only in the morning, he managed to attend the first dubbing course that took place in Galicia. Therefore, he belonged to the group of the first dubbing actors and directors. Then he became a teacher of these courses in Galicia. He took part as actor and director in many films and serials for TV (Galician TV, Antena 3, Tele 5 and Canal +) until 1997.

 Work & Activities

When he was five, he began to sing in the small Choir School 'Padre Eugenio Barrero'. With Father Eugenio Barrero he learnt a smattering of singing and solfa and when he was six, he took part in his first opera, Werther. In the Seminary, he went on with his studies of solfa and singing in the choir as soloist. His schoolmate was the prolific musician and composer Ángel Barja. In 1958, he entered 'El Eco' Choral Society, which was conducted by Rodrigo A. de Santiago, singing as bass baritone. In addition to all his concerts with all sort of polyphony (classic and modern, religious and profane), he also sang in orchestra and band: cantata, oratorio, opera and 'zarzuela'. He took part in the opera seasons in A Coruña, Vigo and Oviedo, where he could play small parts in the operas 'Tosca', 'La Traviata', 'Rigoletto', 'Boheme', 'Madame Butterfly' and others as soloist in polyphonic plays. Since 1993, he has been vice-president of 'El Eco' Choral Society, being elected as president in December 1999 and taking over in January 2000. Since 1996, there has been the Child's Choral Society. Since January 2000 it has been called Choir School and has been dedicated a special and personal attention.