Xosé Novo Freire

Category: Lawyer
Birth Date: 25th October 1928 († 27th January 2012)
Birth Place: A Coruña

When he was still a baby, he moved to Lugo with his parents. He studied at 'La Milagrosa' and 'Escuela Unitaria' schools. In 1940, he began to study Secondary Education and Teaching in 1950. He worked in the office of Ángel López Pérez. He studied Law in Oviedo and took his degree in 1956, becoming a member of the Bar Association in Lugo and A Coruña (1964). He was a member of the executive body of the Bar Association in Lugo for over ten years, and the first democratic mayor in Lugo (1979) and was a member of the executive committee of the political party 'Coalición Galega'. He directed 'Cáritas Diocesana' in 1971. He presented the report 'Delito político y situación de los presos condenados' in the Conference of Lawyers that was celebrated in León in 1971, where there were confrontations with the lawyers close to Franco's Government.

 Work & Activities

He took part in the International Conference of Young Lawyers (Barcelona, 1968) and the International Conference of Galician Law (A Coruña).

 Other Interesting Aspects

Together with Antonio Gandoy, he created the educative programme 'Preescolar na casa' in the association 'Cáritas Diocesana'. While he was Mayor, 'A Piringalla' and 'Garabolos' development works were carried out, as well as the construction of a Secondary School and the restoration of 'Rosalía de Castro' Park.