Marieta Quesada Legido

Pseudonym: Marieta Quesada
Category: Painter
Birth Date: 21st June 1962
Birth Place: Vigo (Pontevedra)


She was born into an artist family. Her father, Fernando Quesada (drawer), her mother, Ana Legido (painter) and eleven member of her family were all related to art. In 1982, she moved to Seville to study Fine Arts (Santa Isabel de Hungría). In the fourth year of her career, she began to work with Professor José Antonio García Ruiz, making a nine-metre mural painting for the City Council of Seville. After finishing her career, she represented Seville in an exhibition with grant holders of other Spanish faculties at Torreón de Loyola.

 Work & Activities

-1988: She moved to Cordova, where she was asked to paint a portrait of the rector of the University, Francisco Colomer, and carried out an individual exhibition at Caixa de Aforros de Vigo.
-1989: Caixa de Aforros de Ourense (individual exhibition).
-1990: Architect Association, Cordova (individual exhibition), Caja de Ahorros, Seville (individual exhibition), ‘Pintores Galegos Contemporáneos’, Hostal dos Reis Católicos, Santiago (collective exhibition) and ‘Araguaney’ Hotel, Santiago de Compostela (exhibition-auction).
-1991: She moved to Paris, where she began to work at ‘Romanet’ Art Gallery.
-1992: She exhibited her works at Casa Palacio Galindo in collaboration with EXPO 92 and was asked for ten works for the World Center of EXPO 92.
-1993: She carried out her first individual exhibition in Paris at ‘Romanet’ Art Gallery, which was considered as one of the best exhibitions of the year in Paris. Interesting reports came out in the French magazines ‘Figaro Magazine’ (four colouring pages dedicated to her exhibition) and ‘Drout Richelieu’ (with a very positive critic about her exhibition) and the Japanese magazine ‘TC’ Talens. The City Council of Paris asked her for a mural painting for a façade of a building.
-1994: One of her works was selected for the Autumn Exhibition in Paris and she carried out an individual exhibition at the Architect Association of Cordova.
-1995: Caixa de Aforros de Vigo (individual exhibition), ‘Romanet’ Art Gallery, Paris (individual exhibition), Hostal dos Reis Católicos, Santiago de Compostela (collective gallery) and ‘Arboreda’ Gallery (Ferrol). Her works were acquired by Dutch companies and private individuals from New Cork and South America.
-1996: Caixa de Aforros de Ourense (individual exhibition), ‘CC 22’ Art Gallery, Madrid (individual exhibition), report in ‘Blanco y Negro’ of the newspaper ABC and individual exhibition in Bordeaux at the Spanish Embassy.
-1997: She participated in the Autumn Exhibition in Paris, was selected together with other artists for an itinerant exhibition all around France and carried out an individual exhibition in Pontevedra (Caixa de Aforros de Pontevedra).
-1998: ‘Marisa Rosado’ Gallery, A Coruña (individual exhibition), Art Fair, Santander and Alameda Gallery (Vigo).
-1999: ‘CC 22’ Art Gallery, Madrid (individual exhibition) and ‘Trisquel’ e ‘Medulio’ Galleries, Tui (individual exhibition).
-2000: Meguro Art Museum, Tokio – Japan (collective exhibition) and Caixa de Aforros de Vigo (individual exhibition).
-2001: José Lorenzo Gallery, Santiago de Compostela (individual exhibition) and ‘Nova Rúa Arte’ Gallery, Lugo (individual exhibition).