Ramón Reimunde Noreña

Pseudonym: Marcos Loureiro
Category: Teacher, writer and businessman
Birth Date: 18th April 1949
Birth Place: San Martiño de Mondoñedo, Foz (Lugo)
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He studied Primary Education in his native village and Secondary Education at ‘Corazón de María’ School in Gijón. He studied Naval Engineering in Oviedo and Madrid for two years, Navigation in A Coruña and Philology in Santiago. He is a pilot and captain of the Merchant Navy (1978), graduated in Hispanic Philology (1979) and Galician-Portuguese Philology (1982). In 1981, he became a Secondary School teacher of Galician Language and Literature and head of the Galician Language Department in 1992. He has sailed as an officer over the seas from 1972 to 1979 on Spanish and foreign ships. He has been working as a teacher in Viveiro, Lugo and Foz since 1979. He also runs the firm Reimunde SAT since 1980. He is member of "Academia Galega da Lingua Portuguesa".

 Work & Activities

He published ‘Poesía completa de Leiras Pulpeiro’, Sotelo Blanco (1984), ‘Trebón’ de Armando Cotarelo, Agal (1984), ‘Ben pode Mondoñedo desde agora’, El Progreso (1984) (12th edition of ‘Ánxel Fole’ Prize) and the collective books ‘Comentario de textos literarios’, Alhema (1986), ‘Os escritores lugueses arredor de Fole’, City Council of Lugo (1986), ‘Actividades de léxico, expresión oral’, Bahía (1990) and ‘Actas de los Congresos I, III y IV de AGAL (1987-91)’.
He has also edited ‘Contos para nenos’, ‘Costumes antigos de Galiza’ by Leiras (1999) and the translation of ‘Mafalda’, Souto (1985).
He has written articles in several magazines and in the newspapers El Progreso and La Voz de Galicia as well as given lectures about Galician literature.

 Other Interesting Aspects

He was a member of the executive committees of AGAL and the Galician Forestry Association.