María Xosé Ares Rodríguez

Category: Painter
Birth Date: 1st January 1963
Birth Place: Lugo


She graduated as a quantity surveyor at A Coruña University in 1987 and took a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in Painting at Vigo University. She teaches Drawing at ‘Johan Carballeira’ Secondary School in Bueu (Pontevedra).

 Work & Activities

2002: ‘Deshabitando’, itinerant, Provincial Library (Lugo) and ‘Teucro’ Gallery (Pontevedra).
2000: ‘Extravíos’ (painting and facilities), ‘Angel Botello’ Gallery, Cangas (Pontevedra); ‘Lindeiros’ (painting), ‘A. Domínguez Búa’ Gallery, Cangas (Pontevedra); ‘Ausencias’ (photography), ‘A. Domínguez Búa’ Gallery, Cangas (Pontevedra).

2002: First Spring Exhibition, ‘Arga’ Gallery, Moaña (Pontevedra).
2001: ‘Identidades Feridas’, Laxeiro Foundation, Casa das Artes, Vigo.
2000: First Painting Exhibition Contest, Cultural Artistic Association (Pontevedra), Auditorium of Caixa de Pontevedra, ‘Arte no Morrazo’, Cangas (Pontevedra).
1999: ‘Arte no Morrazo’, Cangas (Pontevedra).
1998: ‘Comarca do Sar’ First Painting Contest for new artists, Padrón (A Coruña); ‘Novos Valores 98’, County Council of Pontevedra.
1996: ‘Arte no Morrazo’, Cangas (Pontevedra).
1992: ‘Lugonova 92’, Cervo (Lugo).
1990: ‘Lugonova 90’, Cervo (Lugo).

In 2003, she made the illustrations for the book Gimnasia Artística. Los fundamentos de la técnica by Francisco Sáez Pastor and for the articles ‘El ser de los gallegos’ and ‘Nostalgia de las vanguardias’, published by Francisco Gimeno Suances in ‘Liceus’ nº 5 and 6.

 Other Interesting Aspects

In 1996, she was awarded the prize of the Sixth Painting and Sculpture Contest in O Morrazo, Cangas (Pontevedra). He was included in the Guide of Galician Artists (Xunta de Galicia).