María José Alonso Fernández

Category: Chemist
Birth Date: 22nd December 1959
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She took a degree and a doctor’s degree in Pharmacy and has been a Professor of the Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Department since 1998. She started her activity in the field of nanoparticles as medicine systems at the South Paris University (1986-87) and has worked as a visitor researcher at Angers University.

 Work & Activities

She has directed twenty-five projects financed by public institutions such as several European projects financed by international institutions (World Health Organization and ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’). She is the author of 97 relevant scientific reports in international magazines related to medicine release, seventeen chapters of books and eight patents. Besides, she has participated as a lecturer in thirty international conferences. MJA and her research group have been awarded several research prizes, granted by national and international firms and foundations as well as by international magazines. She is a member of the editorial department of the eight most prestigious international magazines related to Pharmaceutical Technology and Medicine Release Systems.

 Other Interesting Aspects

She has been a member of the scientific committee, organising many conferences and courses and founder and president of the ‘Sociedad Hispano-Portuguesa de Liberación Controlada’ (1995). She coordinated the ‘Red Temática de Investigación en Sistemas de Liberación de Moléculas Activas’ (SLMA). Finally, by the initiative of the National Science Foundation, MJA has led work groups about Nanomedicine and is responsible for the education and communication division of the Spanish Nanomedicine Technological Association. She is the founder and president of the board of directors of the ‘Spanish Portuguese Chapter of the Controlled Release Society’ (1995-97), ‘Governor’ of the ‘Controlled Release Society Inc’ (1995-98), member of the ‘Board of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ (1998-00) of the ‘International Pharmaceutical Federation’ (1998-2000), member of the ‘Scientific Advisory Board’ (1997-2000), of the ‘Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle’, secretary of the board of directors of the ‘Spanish Portuguese Chapter of the Controlled Release Society’ (1997-2000) and member of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS). She is on the editorial department of the following international magazines: ‘Pharmaceutical Research’, ‘Journal of Controlled Release’, ‘International Journal of Pharmaceutics’, ‘European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics’, ‘European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences’, ‘Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy’, ‘Drug Delivery Sciences & Technologies’ and ‘J. Microencapsulation’. She speaks, reads and writes English and French.

In 2011 she received the Jaume I prize on new Technologies, given by Generalitat Valenciana and Fundación Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados.